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Latest Success In Previously-Challenging Cape Town Stop Smoking Case

Posted by – June 17, 2011

When “Marcelle” (not her real name) first came to see me, she was smoking about 15 cigarettes a day. The day before her 9th session, this was down to 7 a day. And now, after a few weeks’ stalemate, she has succeeded to stick to her last reduction plan, which was 9 cigarettes a day. Each cigarette represents negative emotion. We have been releasing plenty of these, and now, finally, the number is less than half what we started with. Marcelle was very proud.


If you have been following this series of articles, I am also pleased to report that the disastrous happening in Marcelle’s life is now over. The EFT we did has clearly helped her through it, as she has simply bounced back to her usual cheerful self now.

Whilst Marcelle’s relatives had quit with me in 2-3 sessions, including her husband, she does understand the benefits of going at her own pace, and that this is OK. Marcelle reported that she feels she has grown and developed through this healing journey. She has become a stronger person and feels different. This is what happens when you quit smoking using EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques, otherwise known as Tapping. It is truly a journey to freedom from many negative emotions, so you feel lighter and calmer as a result.

We started Marcelle’s session with kinesiology-based muscle-testing. This is a biofeedback mechanism that gives information about the body and speaks with the subconscious mind. The testing revealed an imbalance in neurotransmitters on the left part of her brain. We proceeded to treat with a 635 nm cold laser.

Next came the emotional stuff underlying the smoking. I tapped on Marcelle as she verbally walked me through her average day’s smoking, from start to finish. Her voice became strained and her shoulders looked stiff when she came to one particular part, so we stopped there for tapping. The situation was teaching her grandson and helping him with his homework. The grandson insists that his teacher’s way of doing things is the right way and will not consider any other approaches that Marcelle takes. The desire to smoke after this homework session started on a 9 out of 10 intensity. Marcelle said that after all that, she needed a treat. We began tapping saying statements like “Even though I need this treat…” and “Even though I don’t want to deprive myself of this treat”. The intensity reduced to a 6 out of 10. And then I tapped on Marcelle something like “Even though he insists his teacher is right, at least he is respectful of his teachers, and that’s a great attribute than many kids don’t have”. Marcelle agreed, citing a story with one of her daughters, and how she did better when she learned to like her teacher. But still, Marcelle was unhappy about this teacher adoration, so much so, she still wanted that cigarette. I asked her if there could be a parallel in her own childhood and life where her mother favors her sister all the time. She agreed and saw the connection straight away. So we released this block with Inner Child tapping, and Marcelle no longer desired the after-homework cigarette. It was a zero intensity.

Marcelle then carried on walking me through her smoking day. We came at a point which I know from experience to be relevant. This was a cigarette smoked with a favorite close person. The person in question was her aunt, let’s call her “Auntie Nelly”. We started at a need to smoke with Auntie Nelly of 6 out of 10, which went down to 5 after some tapping. I kept tapping on Marcelle as I asked her if this aunt is like a mother to her, since her mother was abusive and not like a mother. Marcelle agreed, and we tapped on all aspects of this, until finally, the desire was about a zero, and Marcelle could see herself happily just being with Auntie Nellie as she alone smoked. The bond keeping the two so close together was love, and there was no need to cement it with a cigarette.

Lastly, we tapped on one more daily cigarette, and moved on to the muscle-testing. 7 Cigarettes a day tested strong, and 6 and 5 a day were weaker, so we set anew target of 7 cigarettes a day. I look forward to our next session!

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