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This Stop Smoking Expert’s Prayer Discussion With Shopkeeper

Posted by – May 2, 2014

This Stop Smoking Expert’s Erm, Heated, Prayer Discussion With Shopkeeper…

The Muslim shopkeeper nearest to my healing studio, otherwise a very nice man, whose hard work and dedication I truly appreciate, tried to get me to buy a packet of cigarettes. He is a very good salesman and I am sure he has persuaded many a would-be quitter to start again. Now here’s the thing, this is the second time he has tried it with me whilst the Islamic prayer was playing on his radio warning against the devil and doing the devil’s work. The first time, I just laughed and took the story to the security guard at work and we had a good laugh about it  😀 This time, well, it was too early in the morning for me to be ultra democratic, so I found myself telling him: “You need to make a choice. Your radio is warning against doing the devil’s work and you are doing just that by pushing cigarettes onto people who don’t want them. Either you turn the prayer off, stop pretending to be religious and push the cigarettes on anyone you like, or you listen to God’s word and put those cigarettes away.”

He put the cigarettes away. The look on his face was priceless. I hope this made him think twice that the words in the prayer are sacred, they are not just words. He can sell healthier things.

There you go. I say it how it is.


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