Stop Smoking EFT – And Some Weight Loss Too – Cape Town Case Study

Posted by – July 27, 2011

If you want to stop smoking with EFT and wonder how to structure your progress, there is much you can learn from “Marcelle” (not her real name). Marcelle is the third amongst her relatives to quit using EFT. Although they quit in 2-3 sessions, her progress is over a longer period of time. She is using a gradual reduction of smoking plan. The way this works is that in every stop-smoking session she attends, the EFT releases some more of the underlying reasons why she smoked, and then she can reduce her smoking accordingly, with the ultimate target being zero cigarettes. EFT, as you may know, is short for Emotional Freedom Techniques. It involves bringing to the surface a little bit of the energy disruption behind a problem using words, and then letting it go, using a specialised form of acupressure.

Marcelle’s last reduction plan was 2-5 cigarettes a day. And she has stuck to it. This is despite life throwing her two major curveballs. One was an ongoing serious problem which Marcelle has no way to control. And the other was a big challenge involving her daughter, who was mixing with the wrong crowd. We tapped on both of those matters. To be honest, due to the severity of these issues, what mainly happened is that I tapped on her points continuously as she talked and tried to find ways to cope or deal with these two major challenges. We reduced both down to a 2 and 4 out of 10 respectively which was the best that could be done under the circumstances. Marcelle now has a plan of action to resolve the daughter challenge, and she felt much better as a result.

The last thing treated in this session was how she felt about her husband’s behaviour. He was on life-saving medication for a physical condition. However, this gave him terrible mood swings. We had worked on this before, and so it was not surprising that it started at a 5 out of 10 in intensity in this session. We soon brought it down to zero, in about 20 minutes of tap-and-talk, as above.

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And really, that was all that we did in this 90-minute session. There was no “direct” work on any smoking desire this time. We concentrated purely on the stress in Marcelle’s life. At the end of the session, we agreed to keep to the same target on the reduction plan, with emphasis on the lower end. Marcelle is going slowly but surely in the right direction. She is also losing weight, as the stresses that lead to smoking also lead to overeating, so she is hitting two birds with one stone by going at a slow but comfortable pace. If you or someone you know have tried everything and are still smoking, I hope you have found inspiration and comfort from Marcelle’s story.

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