Stop Smoking EFT and Kinesiology-Based Muscle Testing Cape Town – Marcelle, 2nd Session

Posted by – May 1, 2011


“Marcelle” (name changed) is on a reduction plan to stop smoking for good. The way it works is as follows. Every session, we release as much as we can of the reasons behind the smoking. We are doing this with EFT, otherwise known as Emotional Freedom Techniques or Tapping. Then we do an objective assessment, with Kinesiology-based muscle-testing, of how many cigarettes we can comfortably reduce to. We are doing this all the way to zero, and progress so far is successfully on track. I am indeed grateful to Marcelle for letting me write her story. It is written soon after it happens. This way, you can tell that it is real.

On her second session, Marcelle announced that she had indeed stuck to our agreed reduction plan for about 3 days. Then she struggled to cope with that number all of a sudden. I thought that was strange, because we had muscle-tested for accuracy in determining that figure. So I wondered what went wrong. Marcelle seemed very ashamed of herself and very despondent because of this. After further gentle questioning, Marcelle revealed what had really happened. Her abusive mother had visited around Day 3 and proceeded to deeply personally insult Marcelle’s teenage daughter, being very abusive and totally freaking out. Marcelle tried to verbally defend her daughter, but her mother carried on with the tirade of abuse. I asked Marcelle whether in the light of this information, it made sense that she was stressed and needed to calm herself with a cigarette. She agreed. We then started the tapping.

We started tapping on something like “Even though I have this feeling about when my mother came over and freaked out…”, interspersed with just tap-and-rant. Tap-and-rant is when you just tap on all the points you use whilst telling about what happened. This event came down from a out of 10 to a 4, and then a 2. We then tapped on all the points as started to figure out solutions to protect Marcelle from her mother and her children from their abusive grandmother. We came to many ideas, some of which Marcelle has successfully put in place after this session (I write this after our third), and as a result, Marcelle did very well with her reduction plan after this session. Next, I asked her for a time when her mother was abusive to her, maybe in childhood. Marcelle came up with a time when she was 12 and her mother accused her of stealing an item of jewellery and called the police to take her away. The police took the 12-year-old child away for questioning. This was in the old South Africa, so I can imagine this was not a gentle experience. The police believed Marcelle and called the mother to come and take her back home. Afterwards, the thief was found, but not reported, and Marcelle did not receive an apology either. This event started at an intensity of 7 out of 10, and with some inner child work, we reduced it to a 1. We then re-visited the recent mother freaking out incident, and Marcelle said it was now simply a “bright light”. She was peaceful.

We then muscle-tested for emotions and aspects that weaken Marcelle where cigarettes were concerned. We came up with Rejection and Sleep problems due to a hypothalamus challenge. We tapped for both, and then we muscle-tested for number of cigarettes to cut down to. This was 11-12 a day, and Marcelle was able to even reduce further, because she carried out her homework brilliantly! This was simply tap-and-rant!

In the next article in this series (which in most browsers appears just above this one), I tell you how Marcelle exceeded our expectations and how the third session revealed an interesting twist to the need to smoke in the car.

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