How To Release The Need To Be Perfect And Stop Smoking

Posted by – October 12, 2010

An unhealthy need to be perfect may seem just a drive for excellence, but there is a difference. It is one thing to aim to get things right and be the best you can be, and quite another to feel under constant pressure to perform. And the stress of this pressure keeps many a perfectionist smoker struggling in vain to give up.

And most smokers with an unhealthy need to be perfect do not recognize where this difference lies. Typically, they report having a need to smoke or a habit of smoking. Part of the unhealthy need to be perfect I the denial of imperfection. However, there is a way to find out, and there is a solution.

To find out if you have this unhealthy need, simply ask yourself how true this statement is:

I must always be perfect.
Rate the Validity Of Cognition, or truth value of this statement from a 10 to zero, where 10 is totally true and zero is totally false.

If this statement is anything above a zero, then you have just found one big emotional belief that blocks your stop-smoking success. You can now release this belief with effective modern energy psychology methods such as EFT. As you EFT this statement, you may gain many insights and have events come up for healing. This is a great opportunity to release those insidious drivers of smoking that lurk under the surface.


The best results are achieved after every aspect of this statement is tapped down to a zero. And then, you will find quitting smoking a much easier process.

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